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How to Cook Eggs in Air Fryer: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of the traditional stovetop method for cooking eggs and looking for a simpler, more efficient way? Wondering can you cook eggs in an air fryer? The answer is a resounding yes. Many people are turning to their air fryers for quicker, healthier meals, including the all-important breakfast staple: eggs. In this article, we’ll explore how to cook eggs in air fryer, from the basic step-by-step guides to expert tips for getting them just right. Whether you’re aiming for hard-boiled, soft-boiled, scrambled, or any style in between, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for perfect air-fried eggs and revolutionize your breakfast routine.


How to Hard Boil Eggs in Air Fryer?

In this part, we will share how to make hard boiled eggs in air fryer. Follow the general steps for air fryer hard boiled eggs.

  • Preheat the Air Fryer: Start by preheating your air fryer to around 270°F. The exact temperature might vary depending on your air fryer model.
  • Prepare the Eggs: Put the eggs in the air fryer basket. You don't need to use any oil or water. Just place the eggs directly into the basket. If your air fryer model has a rack, you can use it to prevent the eggs from rolling around.
  • Cooking Time: Cook the eggs in the air fryer for about 15 to 17 minutes. For soft-boiled eggs, a general guideline is about 9 minutes at 270°F. For jammy eggs, cook them for about 11 minutes. For hard-boiled eggs, cook them in the air fryer for around 17 minutes.
  • Ice Bath: Once the eggs are done, carefully remove them from the air fryer using a spoon and place them into an ice water bath for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Peeling: After the eggs have cooled down in the ice bath, you can peel and eat them.


How to Make Fried Eggs in an Air Fryer?

To make fried eggs in an air fryer, you’ll follow a process that's quite straightforward and allows for easy customization. Here’s a general guideline:

Step 1: Preheat your air fryer to around 370°F.

Step 2: Prepare a small, air fryer-safe pan or a piece of aluminum foil shaped into a little tray to hold the egg. Spray it with a bit of non-stick cooking spray or lightly brush it with oil.

Step 3: Crack an egg into the pan or aluminum foil tray. If you’re using aluminum foil, ensure the sides are high enough to contain the egg but flat enough to allow air circulation.

Step 4: Place the pan or foil with the egg in the air fryer basket. Cook for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 5: Once the egg is cooked to your liking, use a spatula to gently lift it out of the pan or foil. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


How to Cook Scrambled Eggs in an Air Fryer?

The hot air circulation in an air fryer can heat scrambled eggs more evenly, preventing the issues of overcooking or undercooking that might occur with traditional scrambled eggs. It is also a healthier cooking method than traditional frying. Follow the steps to make scrambled eggs in an air fryer.

Step 1: Put butter in the air fryer-safe pan, and melt it at 300°F for about 2 minutes.

Step 2: Mix the eggs and milk together, and season with salt and pepper.

Step 3: Pour the mixture into the air fryer pan and cook at 300°F.

Step 4: Stir after 3 minutes and continue cooking until done to your liking. Optionally, add cheddar cheese during the final minutes of cooking.


How to Make Poached Eggs in an Air Fryer?

Making poached eggs in an air fryer is a unique and innovative cooking method that differentiates it from the traditional stovetop method. Here’s how to make poached eggs using an air fryer:

  • Lightly spray a small, oven-safe ramekin or silicone cup with cooking spray to prevent sticking.
  • Add about 2 to 3 tablespoons of boiling water to the ramekin.
  • Carefully crack an egg into the ramekin, over the water. Try to keep the yolk intact.
  • Place the ramekins in the air fryer basket. The cooking temperature and time can vary slightly depending on the specific air fryer model and how you like your poached eggs. Here are a few suggested settings:

350°F for 4 to 5 minutes for eggs with set whites and runny yolks.

350°F for 6-8 minutes for eggs with a semi-liquid consistency and whites that are thoroughly cooked.

350°F for 10 minutes for a thoroughly cooked egg.

  • Once done, carefully remove the ramekins from the air fryer. Use a small spatula or spoon to gently lift the egg out of the ramekin, making sure to drain any excess water. Serve the poached eggs immediately on toast, with avocado, or any way you prefer.
  • Season the poached egg with salt and pepper or any other seasoning of your choice before serving.


Tips for Perfect Eggs in an Air Fryer

Achieving perfect eggs in an air fryer requires a blend of technique, timing, and temperature control. Here are some essential tips for cooking eggs in air fryer.

  • Preheat the Air Fryer: Ensure your air fryer is preheated to the recommended temperature before adding your eggs. This helps to cook the eggs evenly and achieve the desired doneness.
  • Space Between Eggs: Leave a little space between each egg in the basket to allow for proper air circulation. This ensures that the eggs cook evenly on all sides.
  • Cooking Time and Temperature: Adjust the cooking time and temperature based on the desired outcome (soft, medium, or hard-boiled). It also varies according to different air fryers and various cooking methods.
  • Test with Cook Times: There can be a learning curve to finding the perfect cooking time for eggs in your specific air fryer. Start by cooking one or two eggs as a test, and adjust the timing as needed for later batches.
  • Ensure Eggs Are Fresh: Using fresh eggs can make a significant difference in the quality of your cooked eggs, especially when it comes to peeling them after they’re cooked.


In conclusion, mastering how to cook eggs in air fryer can transform your breakfast routine, offering a healthier, quicker, and more versatile approach to enjoying this staple ingredient. Whether you're aiming to hard-boil eggs in an air fryer for a solid start to your day, craving the simplicity and crisp edges of fried eggs, or preferring the soft, scrambled texture or delicate nature of poached eggs, the air fryer is your go-to kitchen gadget. Ready to take your air fryer skills to the next level? Dive deeper into our comprehensive collection of air fryer egg recipes, tips, and tricks!

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