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How to Pair the Perfect Easter Wine with Your Festive Feast

As Easter approaches, the anticipation of shared meals and cherished moments with loved ones fills the air. Elevate your celebration with the perfect union of delectable dishes and exquisite wines. Navigating the diverse flavors of an Easter feast, from succulent ham to delicate deviled eggs, can be a delightful challenge.

To guide you through this culinary journey, we've curated a selection of the 10 best wines for Easter. Let each sip and bite become a harmonious symphony, enhancing the joy of Easter festivities with a touch of sophistication and culinary finesse. Cheers to creating lasting memories around your Easter table!

Perfect Easter Wine With Your Feast

10 Best Easter Wine Pairings for Your Great Easter Dinner

As noted, Easter dinners are often a tapestry of flavors, so let's discover the art of wine pairing to elevate your Easter feast to new heights.

Pairing with Ham - Riesling/Beaujolais

The savory richness of ham demands a wine that complements its flavors without overpowering. Enter the graceful dance of Riesling. Whether you opt for a German classic or an American variation, the subtle acidity and fruity notes of Riesling elegantly balance the saltiness of the ham. For those leaning towards reds, consider a luscious Beaujolais, like a Morgon. Its light, fruity character harmonizes with the succulence of the ham without overshadowing its distinctive taste.

Pair with Duck - Oregon or Californian Pinot Noir

Duck, a culinary indulgence, deserves a wine that can match its richness. Enter the versatile Pinot Noir. Its bright, fruity demeanor complements the flavorful duck, especially when accompanied by peas. Consider a Pinot from Oregon or California for a vibrant, fruit-forward experience. The subtle earthiness of the wine dances with the complexity of ducks, creating a memorable pairing.

Pair with Lamb - 12 Linajes Reserva

The robust and gamey essence of lamb requires a wine that stands up to its bold flavors. Meet the enchanting 12 Linajes Reserva from Ribera del Duero. This Spanish gem, with its ripe blackberry and tobacco aromas, intertwines seamlessly with the depth of lamb. The play of black fruits, tannins, and acidity in the wine elevates the lamb experience, making each bite a celebration of flavor.

Pair with Roast Chicken - Russian Pinot Noir

For the quintessential roast chicken, choose a wine that mirrors its simplicity yet adds layers of flavor. A delightful Pinot Noir steps into the spotlight once again. This time, aim for a bright, fruitier expression. A Pinot from the Russian River Valley, like the Williams Selyem 2017 Pinot Noir, with its velvety layers of dark cherry and cinnamon, complements the roast chicken exquisitely.

Wine To Pair With Roast Chicken

Pair with Fatty Fish - Californian Chardonnay or Oregon Pinot Noir

Navigating the world of fish with a higher fat content, such as salmon, calls for a wine with ample weight and freshness. A well-chosen Chardonnay takes center stage. Consider a Californian Chardonnay for a creamy salmon dish. Its high acidity and full-bodied nature provide a perfect balance, harmonizing with the rich fish and heavy sauces. For a salmon-prepared "steak style," venture into the realm of red wines with an Oregon Pinot Noir. The marriage of flavors is a testament to the versatility of this varietal.

Pair with Easter Eggs - Mt. Beautiful 2016 Riesling or Domaine Houchart 2018 Rosé

Deviled eggs, a staple of Easter gatherings, present a unique challenge for wine pairing. Opt for a wine that balances the creamy yolk—enter the enchanting Mt. Beautiful 2016 Riesling from North Canterbury. With 13 grams of residual sugar, this New Zealand Riesling introduces a slippery texture, balancing acidity with notes of lemon, lime, and honeysuckle. Alternatively, embrace the classic elegance of a Brut Rosé. The Domaine Houchart 2018 Rosé, with its raspberry flavors and light texture, complements the eggs' richness with finesse.

Pair with Pea and Pecorino Salad - Gloria Ferrer 2013 Late Disgorged Carneros Cuvée Sparkling Rosé

When faced with the vibrant flavors of a pea and pecorino salad, turn to mineral-driven wines to accentuate the pecorino and allow the peas to shine. The Gloria Ferrer 2013 Late Disgorged Carneros Cuvée Sparkling Rosé emerges as a stellar choice. This aged sparkling wine offers a limestone-like mineral flavor, intertwining with the salad's freshness. The subtle mix of key lime and green apple provides a perfect backdrop for the salad's lively composition.

Pair with Potatoes - Hanzell 2016 Chardonnay

Potatoes, versatile companions to many Easter dishes, invite a wine that complements their neutrality while enhancing the overall dining experience. The Hanzell 2016 Chardonnay from Sonoma Valley steps into this role admirably. With quince, lemon rind, and apple notes, this Chardonnay offers layers of intrigue. Its crisp acidity and textured palate make it a delightful companion to potato-based dishes, bringing elegance to every bite.

White Wine For Vegetables

Pair with Easter Cake - Prosecco

Colomba Pasquale, the traditional Italian Easter cake, meets its match in the slightly sweeter style of extra-dry Prosecco. The effervescence and fruity notes of the prosecco enhance the sweetness of the cake, creating a delightful pairing. Whether you opt for a classic Italian pairing or explore regional variations, the harmony of flavors is a testament to the art of wine pairing.

Pair with Hot Cross Buns - Marsala

As the aroma of hot cross buns fills the air, a surprising yet delightful pairing awaits – Marsala. The fortified wine brings its unique richness to the table, complementing the spiced and fruity notes of the buns. The interplay of flavors creates a sensory experience, elevating the humble hot cross bun to a new level of indulgence.


As you prepare to celebrate Easter with a feast that tantalizes the taste buds, let these wines for Easter dinner elevate your dining experience. From the succulence of ham to the delicacy of peas and pecorino salad, each dish finds its perfect match in a carefully selected Easter wine. Cheers to a joyous Easter filled with delightful flavors and unforgettable moments shared with friends and family. May your glasses be full, and your celebrations be filled with warmth and happiness.

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