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1 Bottle Wine Box in PU Leather with Wine Accessories

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Elevate your wine experience with our 1 Bottle Wine Box in luxurious PU Leather, complete with essential wine accessories. This exquisite wine box is designed to enhance every sip and make wine enjoyment effortless.

What's included:

  1. 1. Seahorse Wine Opener: This wine bottle opener is the epitome of convenience, ensuring you can uncork your favorite wines with ease.
  2. 2. Wine Pourer: A practical wine utensil that takes your wine pouring to the next level. Place it in the bottle's mouth, and it guides the wine's flow, allowing it to aerate while pouring for a fuller flavor.
  3. 3. Anti-Drip Cup: Say goodbye to wine spills and unsightly stains on wine labels and tablecloths. Our anti-drip cup ensures a clean and worry-free pour.
  4. 4. Tinfoil Cutter: Featuring an exquisite stainless steel wine cutter that effortlessly clamps onto the bottle's mouth, making the removal of the foil cap a seamless process.


  • Dimensions: 348x203x118MM
  • Bottle Compatibility: Fits one standard 750ml (75cl) wine bottle

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