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Cocktail Smoker Set with Lighter, Wood Chips and Ice Stone

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This all-in-one set enables you to infuse a sophisticated smoky essence into your drinks, taking your mixology skills to new heights.

It includes:

  • Smoking Gun: Our high-quality smoking gun acts as the heart of this set. User-friendly and efficient, it ensures a controlled flow of smoke into your beverages, allowing you to experiment with various intensity levels.
  • Wood Chips (3 packs): Choose from three distinct flavors of wood chips, each carefully selected to enhance your cocktails or spirits. Whether you prefer a gentle aroma or a robust smoky flavor, these wood chips will satisfy your every need.
  • Granite Ice Stones (3 pieces): Say goodbye to watered-down drinks with our three reusable granite ice stones. They chill your drink to perfection without compromising the taste. Enjoy your cocktails or whiskies as they were meant to be savored.
  • Smoker Top with Filter: The specially designed smoker top, complemented by a separate filter, offers a seamless smoking experience. It captures and directs the smoke precisely, infusing your drink with a delightful smoky nuance without overwhelming it.

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