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Cocktail Smoker Top with Stone Ice Cube Whiskey Stone Set Wood Chips

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Step into the world of artisanal cocktails with this complete smoker top set. Designed for those with impeccable taste and a penchant for the dramatic, it promises to transform your home bar into a cocktail lounge.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Wooden Storage Box: This finely crafted wooden box not only secures the treasures inside but also serves as a timeless display piece, showcasing the art of sophisticated drinking.
  • Stone Ice Cubes (Set of 6): Move beyond traditional ice with these reusable stone ice cubes. They chill your drink to perfection without diluting the intricate flavors.
  • Wood Chips Box: Infuse your cocktails with a rich, smoky aroma. These premium wood chips, when lit, impart a subtle smokiness, elevating your cocktail to a sensory experience.
  • Diamond-Patterned Whiskey Glass: Make every drink a celebration with this uniquely designed whiskey glass. The diamond-patterned bottom not only captivates the eye but also enhances grip and the refraction of light through the drink.
  • Sturdy Clamp: Safely handle the stone ice cubes and wood chips with the provided clamp, ensuring a seamless and mess-free preparation process.
Stone MaterialSoapstone
Package6x Whiskey Stones
1x Whiskey Glass
1x Smoker top
1x Wood Chips (flavor optional)
1x Clamp

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