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Whiskey Ice Wine Stone Set Stainless Steel 8 Pack with Two Glasses

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Introduce a touch of luxury to your whiskey, wine, and cocktail experiences with our Whiskey Ice Wine Stones. Meticulously crafted, this set provides an exceptional way to savor your favorite drinks, presenting them in their purest form.

It Includes:

  • The set is complete with eight stainless steel Whiskey Ice Wine Stones, designed with food-grade ice tartrate. This unique material ensures your chosen drinks remain chilled without being diluted, preserving the original flavors and aromas. Enjoy an undistorted, impeccable taste with each sip.
  • Two stylish lead-free glasses accompany these stones, offering the perfect vessels to showcase and savor your beverages. These glasses are not just visually appealing but also assure safe consumption of your drinks.
  • Also included in the set is a handy ice clip, allowing you to conveniently and hygienically manage your ice wine stones. A soft cloth bag is provided for easy storage and transport of your stones.
  • To protect your tables and countertops, the set is equipped with two coasters. They prevent any potential heat or moisture damage, maintaining the integrity of your surfaces.
  • What sets this collection apart is the exquisite wooden box housing the components. Crafted from a selection of high-quality woods such as sample wood, bamboo wood, Russian sylvestris pine, pine, and paulownia, the box exhibits a clear wood grain, reflective of its superior construction. This hard, natural wood box is not only a protective case but also an impressive display, adding an element of sophistication to your bar.

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