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Four Wine Box in Black Leather Large Versatile Storage Box Gift Box

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Designed to transport or store wine in style, this piece of 4 bottle wine box exudes sophistication and ensures the utmost protection for your cherished bottles.

Here’s what makes it special:

  • Premium Craftsmanship: Exclusively fashioned from top-grade leather, this box promises durability while its deep black hue offers a timeless appeal.
  • Cylindrical Elegance: Its unique cylindrical design not only provides an aesthetic edge but ensures even weight distribution for easy carriage and stability.
  • Robust Handle: A strong, braided handle graces the top, allowing for comfortable and secure transportation, reflecting both beauty and brawn.
  • Flexible Storage: Inside, a removable divider is provided to ensure each of your four wine bottles is shielded from touching each other, preventing potential damage. Should you wish to utilize it for more extensive storage, simply remove the divider to accommodate up to seven bottles, making it a versatile storage solution for enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Separate Lid: The box comes with a dedicated lid, ensuring a snug fit and further enhancing the protection of its contents.
  • Dimensional Perfection: Sized at 248x248x348mm, it's been precisely engineered to house wine bottles with a diameter of up to 88mm and a height of up to 335mm.

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