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Single Wine Box in Gold Cardboard Paper with PU Leather Handle

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Elevate your gifting or storage experience with our Golden Bar Wine Box, crafted meticulously to reflect the opulence and elegance reminiscent of treasured gold bars.

Here's what sets it apart:

  • Luxurious Material: Constructed from durable hard cardboard paper, this wine box offers both strength and style, ensuring your wine bottle remains safe and secure.
  • Regal Finish: Coated in a rich, shimmering gold paint, the box doesn't just protect; it makes a statement. Its lustrous gold hue promises sophistication and class at first glance.
  • Sleek Design: Taking inspiration from the classic gold bar, its unique shape adds an element of intrigue, making it more than just a wine holder, but a conversation starter.Ergonomic Features:
  • PU Leather Handle: Transport your wine with ease, thanks to the soft yet sturdy PU leather handle.
  • Metal Button Closure: A touch of modernity is added with the sleek metal button, ensuring your wine remains safely enclosed.
  • Interior Straps: Inside, two straps are carefully positioned to hold your wine bottle securely, ensuring it remains still and protected, even during transportation.
  • Perfect Dimensions: Measuring at 151x102x364mm, it's tailored to fit a range of wine bottles. Specifically designed for those with diameters under 90mm and heights ranging from 260mm to 330mm, it ensures a snug and safe fit for your precious bottle.
Color: Gold

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