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Single Wine Box in Premium Leather Rectangle Red Wine Box with Wine Glass

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Unveiling a masterpiece in wine storage: a union of thoughtful craftsmanship and elegance. Every step, from inspiration to collection, ensures our single wine storage box stands out from the ordinary.


  • Dimensions & Compatibility: Standing tall at 346mm with a width of 208mm and a depth of 119mm, this wine box is crafted to cradle bottles with precision. It accommodates a variety of bottles, ensuring they fit snugly and safely. From standard Bordeaux bottles, Burgundy delights, to the effervescence of sparkling wines, if your bottle has a diameter less than 95mm and falls between the heights of 210mm to 333mm, it's a match!
  • Dazzling Base: Elevate your display with a touch of luxury. Four brilliantly cut rhinestones, placed at the bottom, shimmer with a diamond-like brilliance, reflecting the refined taste of its owner.
  • Robust and Refined Handle: Experience comfort without compromising on style. The handle, with its strong and ingenious design, ensures you can carry your prized beverages with ease and grace. It also includes a complimentary wine glass, allowing you to enhance your beverage enjoyment.
  • Retro Copper Lock: Taking note of timeless designs, our wine box features a retro copper lock. It's not just about security; it's about making a statement. This artificial design lock, simple yet elegant, adds an old-world charm to the box.
  • Plush Lining: The interior boasts of high-end flannel lining, LINT. This luxurious flannelette not only protects your bottles but also adds an aura of sophistication.

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