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Smoker Set for Wine with 2 Boxes of Wood Chips and a Torch

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Unleash the alchemy of flavors with the superior cocktail smoker set. Meticulously designed for aficionados of fine drinks, this ensemble brings together both style and functionality to elevate every sip.


  • Sleek Wooden Smoker Top: This artisan-crafted wooden smoker top not only ensures optimum smoke retention but also seamlessly integrates elegance into your bar setup.
  • Dynamic Smoking Gun: Sculpt the soul of your drinks with our state-of-the-art smoking gun, a key instrument to introducing that elusive smoky undertone.
  • Duo of Wood Chip Packs: Dive into a sensory exploration with two hand-selected wood chip varieties, offering a spectrum of aromatic nuances to suit diverse cocktail recipes.
  • Gold-Finished Metal Spatula: Marrying utility with opulence, our gold-finished spatula is designed for the precise placement of wood chips, ensuring a perfect smoking experience every time.
  • Dedicated Cleaning Brush: Maintain the pristine condition of your kit with our tailored brush, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.


  • Flavor Mastery: Whether you're aiming for a subtle hint or a robust smoky aura, our kit provides the tools for unmatched flavor precision.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond functionality, every element, especially the luminous gold spatula, radiates sophistication, turning cocktail crafting into a ritzy affair.
  • Ease of Maintenance: With the inclusion of a dedicated brush, keeping your equipment spotless becomes hassle-free.
Smoker top MaterialWood
Package1x Torch
1x Smoker top
2x Wood chips (flavor optional)

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