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Smoker Wood Chips 4 Pcs Flavor Set for Cocktail, Whiskey

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This set showcases a varied selection of wood chip flavors, including Apple Wood, Cherry Wood, Oak, Mahogany, Pear Wood, Hickory, Walnut, Mesquite, and Cinnamon. Every flavor is individually packed, giving you the freedom to delve into and play with each special taste.


  • Apple Wood and Pear Wood offer a delicate sweetness, making them great for light spirits and fruity cocktails.
  • Cherry Wood gives a gentle, tangy smoke that adds depth to whiskey-based drinks.
  • Oak and Mahogany are well-known for their rich, full-bodied smoke, often used to enhance dark liquors such as bourbon and rum.
  • For a strong and robust smoky flavor, choose Hickory, Walnut, or Mesquite. They add a bold complexity to your beverages, perfect for drinks with strong character.
  • Cinnamon wood chips provide a sweet and spicy twist, adding a festive and warm note to your creations.

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