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Cocktail Smoker Set with Wood Chips, Cocktail Stones and a Torch

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Unleash your creativity and transform ordinary drinks into extraordinary concoctions with our cocktail smoker set.

  • Meticulously designed for both aesthetics and functionality, our smoker set boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic that complements any home bar setup.
  • Crafted from high-quality material, the smoking gun is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use, while the wooden smoker top channels the mesmerizing smoke to your drink.
  • Included with the set are a variety of premium wood chips – pecan, oak, applewood, and cherrywood, allowing you to experiment with different flavor profiles and aromas.

This complete kit includes everything you need to start elevating your cocktails immediately. Alongside the smoker top, smoking gun, and wood chips, you'll find stone ice cubes, which can cool down your drink instantly without diluting the flavor, a cleaning brush, and a convenient metal spoon to pick up the wood chips.

Smoker kit MaterialWood
Whiskey Stone MaterialSoapstone
Package1x Torch
1x Smoker top
8x Stone Cubes
4x Wood Chips (flavor optional)
1x Spoon
1x Brush

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