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Wine Opener Set with Aerator in Stainless Steel

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Presenting the exquisite silver stainless steel wine opener set, a blend of innovation and elegance that promises to transform your wine experience. This meticulously curated set features an electric wine opener, a wine aerator, a vacuum stopper, and a tinfoil cutter both housed in a modern black base. Perfectly tailored for wines with an outer diameter of up to 35mm and inner diameters between 17.5mm and 23mm.

The Wine Aerator takes center stage with its flawless Acrylic craftsmanship. Crafted for clarity and durability, this aerator sets the stage for a seamless pouring experience. Bid farewell to spills and uneven flows as you effortlessly pour your favorite wines, enjoying every drop without a trace of side leakage.

Beneath its surface, the Acrylic Wine Aerator is a symphony of functionality. Watch in fascination as your wine cascades through its transparent chambers, an artistic display that elevates the act of pouring into an experience of its own. Immerse yourself in the depth and complexity of each pour, all thanks to the precision design of this remarkable tool.

The Vacuum Stopper, a true companion to the aerator, excels in preserving your wines' integrity. Its prowess lies in its ability to efficiently extract residual oxygen, ensuring your wines retain their flavors and aromas over time. 

The wine opener itself boasts an array of features that enhance its allure. From delicate tan lines to CD-pattern buttons, every detail exudes sophistication. The Type-C charging port design ensures easy and quick recharging, while the operation reminder light keeps you in tune with its functionality. The food-grade coated spiral hook guarantees both safety and durability, while the base-type paper cutter facilitates seamless storage.

Whether you're indulging in a quiet evening or entertaining guests, this wine opener set promises to be your trusted companion! Redefine the art of wine service with precision, elegance, and unparalleled convenience. 

MaterialStainless Steel
Package1x Wine Opener
1x WIne Aerator 
1x Vacuum Stopper
1x Tinfoil Cutter

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