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7 Best Cocktail Smoker Kits: Enjoy Mixology with Smoky Allure

Have you noticed that cocktail crafting has evolved into artistry extending beyond mere mixology? More and more people are embracing this wave of innovation with the cocktail smoker kit, a transformative tool introducing a mesmerizing swirl of smoky complexity to your libations. In this guide, we'll delve into this realm where cocktails meet alchemy, unveiling a selection of the best cocktail smoker kits to elevate your drink-making experience. From novice enthusiasts to seasoned bartenders, these kits offer a gateway to crafting cocktails that are not just sipped but savored. So let's step into this world and start the smoke-infused cocktail symphony now.


What Is a Cocktail Smoker Kit?

A cocktail smoker kit is a versatile apparatus that elevates your mixology journey by introducing captivating smoky flavors to your drinks. These kits typically consist of essential components like a smoking gun, wood chips, and glass domes, all working together to create a controlled environment for infusing cocktails with smoky essence and imparting a unique aromatic profile, so that invites you to indulge in each sip with an added layer of depth and complexity.

How to Use a Cocktail Smoker Kit?

Typically, you can follow these steps to create tasteful and smoky cocktails with a common smoke cocktail kit.

  1. Load the Wood Chips: Open the smoking gun's chamber and load a small amount of your chosen wood chips. Popular options include hickory, applewood, cherry, and oak, each imparting a distinct flavor.
  2. Ignite the Wood Chips: Use the torch or lighter to ignite the wood chips within the smoking gun. Allow them to smolder and produce aromatic smoke.
  3. Capture the Smoke: Quickly cover the glass containing the cocktail with the glass cocktail smoker lid or dome, trapping the smoke inside the vessel.
  4. Infuse the Cocktail: Let the cocktail sit under the dome for a brief period, typically around 20-30 seconds, allowing the smoke to infuse the drink with its captivating aroma and flavor.
  5. Unveil the Smoke for Savoring: Carefully remove the glass cocktail smoker lid or dome, releasing the trapped smoke and revealing the transformed cocktail. Then you can take a sip of the cocktail's existing flavors.


The 7 Best Cocktail Smoker Kits

Now let's embark on a journey of elevated mixology with 7 best smoker kits for cocktails catering to every level of expertise and taste preference.

Best Overall - Homia Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser Extended Kit



  • Robust smoke infusion with an extended kit
  • Versatile for cocktails, meats, and more
  • User-friendly operation and cleaning
  • Including a variety of wood chips


  • Might require some experimentation for optimal results

The Homia Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser Extended Kit steals the spotlight as the ultimate cocktail smoker kit. Its extended design ensures a robust smoke infusion for cocktails and culinary creations, offering versatility from drinks to meats. Easy operation, hassle-free cleaning, and a variety of wood chips make it user-friendly. While mastering techniques may require experimentation, this kit proves a reliable and rewarding addition to your mixology endeavors.

Best for Beginners - MITBAK Smoking Gun with Dome Lid and Woodchips



  • Beginner-friendly size and design
  • Lightweight and dishwasher-safe
  • Including glass dome, USB-powered smoker, and woodchips


  • Limited versatility compared to larger options

The MITBAK Smoking Gun with Dome Lid and Woodchips is the ideal introduction to cocktail smoking. Simple assembly, lightweight construction, and dishwasher-safe components make it a breeze for newcomers. While it lacks the versatility of larger kits, its compact design ensures accessibility, offering a glass dome, USB-powered smoker, and wood chips to kickstart your smoky mixology journey.

Best Budget - TMKEFFC Portable Smoking Gun



  • Affordable and efficient
  • Including everything needed for smoking cocktails


  • Limited versatility, only usable with cocktails
  • Not as quality as other higher-priced options

For those looking to enter the world of cocktail smoking without breaking the bank, the TMKEFFC Portable Smoking Gun with a price tag of $30 is the perfect choice without compromising efficiency. While it might lack the versatility and not be as robust as higher-end alternatives, it has all the necessary components for smoking cocktails to become a cost-effective means to infuse your favorite drinks with a dash of smoky charm.

Best Compact - Smoke Boards Smoked Cocktail Kit



  • Portable and compact for on-the-go enthusiasts
  • Easy to operate with consistent results


  • Limited capacity for batching cocktails

The Smoke Boards Smoked Cocktail Kit is tailored for those on the move. It’s not only compact for easy transport but also simple to use, guaranteeing consistent results. While not ideal for large batches, its portability and user-friendliness ensure a great companion for outdoor gatherings or intimate home bar experiences.

Best in Ergonomic Design - PolyScience Breville Gun Pro Smoke Infuser



  • Ergonomic design with adjustable smoke intensity
  • Easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe components


  • Producing substantial smoke, better not use indoors

The PolyScience Breville Gun Pro Smoke Infuser redefines ergonomic design with its adjustable smoke intensity and comfortable operation. The one-piece, removable smoking chamber simplifies cleaning, while the heavy-duty metal blower fan ensures minimal distractions. Note that its significant smoke production might limit indoor use.

Best for Whiskey - Busy Bee Deluxe Whiskey Smoker Kit



  • Crafted from durable oak for whiskey aficionados
  • Including a variety of components


  • Wood chips sold separately

Tailored specifically for whiskey lovers, the Busy Bee Deluxe Whiskey Smoker Kit embraces oak craftsmanship to enhance your whiskey experience. While wood chips are not included, this kit offers a comprehensive set of components, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the complexities of smoky whiskey notes.

Best for Cocktails - Aged and Charred Smoke Top Lid



  • Complete gift set for enhancing rocks cocktails
  • Oak cocktail smoker top for specific glass types
  • Creates dense, aromatic smoke for pronounced flavor


  • Limited versatility, one-drink-at-a-time capacity

Crafted with precision, the Aged and Charred Smoke Top Lid's oak smoker top is tapered for glasses, minimizing smoke escape and ensuring direct infusion. Besides, they're praised for rich, lingering aromatic smoke, adding layers of flavor complexity. Furthermore, the kit is elegantly packaged including wood chips, butane fuel, smoke screens, a cleaning brush, a compact torch, etc. However, while excelling in rock cocktails, its capacity is limited to one drink at a time.


In the enchanting world of mixology, cocktail smoker kits are the alchemical key to elevating libations. From the robust smokiness of old fashioned cocktail smoker kits to the accessible charm of cocktail smoker kits with torch, these kits unlock a realm where flavors dance in smoky symphonies. So let’s embrace the art of smoke-infused sipping with the best cocktail smoker topper and kits, embarking on a flavorful journey like no other. 

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