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Best Wood Chips for Smoking Cocktails: Top 7 Recommendations

The art of smoking cocktails is truly an exquisite skill that every dedicated mixologist aspires to master. With careful precision, this technique adds a captivating layer of complexity, enhancing your drink with an enchanting fusion of flavors and aromas. And at the heart of this mesmerizing process lies the key ingredient: wood chips. Selecting the perfect wood chip is an art in itself, as each variety imparts its own distinctive character and essence, completely transforming the essence of your cocktail. Join us as we embark on a delightful journey to explore the best wood chips for smoking cocktail, uncovering their unique flavors, and unraveling the secrets of creating truly extraordinary cocktails. 

Smoked Whiskey Wood Chips

Best Wood Chips for Cocktails

Wood chips for smoking cocktails come in many types, each offering a unique flavor profile, from sweet and fruity to hearty and robust. Selecting the right chip can entirely transform your cocktail, enhancing its aroma and taste. Below, we will introduce the seven best wood chips for cocktails, which will add a unique flavor to your next wine journey.


Cherry wood chips, known for their ability to produce a sweet and fruity smoke, is the go-to choice for beginners. This unique flavor profile, offering a perfect balance between mildness and richness, pairs exceptionally well with whiskey-based concoctions such as the classic Old Fashioned. When added to the mix, these cocktail wood chips introduce subtle yet distinctive cherry undertones, creating a sensory experience that is captivating. 


Renowned for its strong, bold, and hearty flavor profile, Hickory wood chips have become a go-to choice for experienced drinkers. When it comes to cocktails, the robustness of Hickory can hold up against bolder spirits such as bourbon or scotch, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors. The distinct smoky note imparted by Hickory adds a touch of nostalgia, evoking memories of cozy campfires and creating a truly immersive drinking experience.


Slightly sweeter and milder than hickory, Pecan wood chips for cocktails offer a delightful and nuanced flavor profile that presents as rich, buttery, and distinctly nutty. Their subtly sweet notes impart a pleasant warmth and touch of indulgence to complex cocktails, making them an excellent choice for those seeking to elevate their libations. Pecan wood chips particularly complement darker spirits, such as rum or brandy, harmonizing with their depth of character and enhancing the overall drinking experience.


Famous for their balanced smoke, oak wood chips are a timeless and ever-popular choice. Graced with a nuanced and delightful flavor profile that is not too mild nor too heavy, they exude a subtly inviting essence of vanilla and toastiness. When it comes to pairing, oak effortlessly complements an extensive array of spirits. From the sultry, dark richness of whiskey to the refreshing, herbaceous notes of gin, oak embraces and enhances the distinctive character of each libation, making it a versatile and captivating option for all discerning palates.


Applewood chips are highly cherished among connoisseurs for their exquisite and delicate characteristics. Infused with a mild, subtly sweet, and slightly fruity flavor, these wood chips for smoked cocktails offer a tantalizing hint of smoke that gracefully enhances the original taste of cocktails. Particularly ideal for lighter spirits like vodka and tequila, Applewood chips provide an exceptional choice for those seeking a refined and nuanced drinking experience. 


The Alderwood chip is known for its delicate and distinct flavor, and is perfect for mixologists looking to add a subtle smoky touch to their cocktails. With its light, naturally sweet, and clean taste, this chip creates a harmonious pairing with white spirits and fruitier drinks. By incorporating the Alderwood chip, mixologists can enhance their cocktails without compromising the original flavor profile. It's the ideal choice for those who appreciate the nuances and complexities of finely crafted beverages.


With its strong, earthy flavor, Mesquite is a smoking wood that is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It imparts a potent smoke that brings a hearty, almost spicy, taste to cocktails, elevating the drinking experience to new heights. These cocktail smoker wood chips pair exceptionally well with dark liquors such as tequila and mescal, creating a harmonious balance that delights the senses and indulges the palate with its rich and complex notes.

How Do You Smoke a Cocktail with Wood Chips?


Smoking a cocktail is a straightforward process that brings an added depth to your drink. Here are the steps:

  • Mix Your Cocktail: Begin by preparing your cocktail in a glass.
  • Prepare the best wood chips for cocktail smoker for you: Choose your preferred type of wood chips for cocktail smoker and put them into a smoke infuser.
  • Light the Wood Chips: Using a lighter or matches, light the wood chips until they start to smolder and produce smoke.
  • Encase the Cocktail: Position your cocktail glass under a glass cloche.
  • Introduce the Smoke: Using the smoke infuser, introduce the smoke to the enclosed area of the glass cloche. Make sure the cocktail is adequately exposed to the smoke.
  • Infuse: Allow the cocktail to infuse with the smoke for a few minutes. This will impart a smoky flavor to the drink.
  • Serve and Enjoy: Finally, remove the cloche, serve the smoked cocktail immediately, and savor the transformed flavors.


In conclusion, wood chips play a significant role in smoking cocktails, and different types of wood chips lend unique flavors to your drinks. Whether you choose the sweet subtlety of Cherry, the robustness of Hickory, the balanced smoke of Oak, or the earthy punch of Mesquite, each adds a distinctive nuance to your cocktail. Experiment with some of the best wood chips for smoking cocktails in this article to find your preferred taste profile.

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